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About Opulent Event Designs

We are a special event design firm that predominately specializes in luxury weddings and corporate events. At the moment, we serve the Greater Toronto Area and are setting up another studio in Los Angeles. Our current facility is a 3000 square foot set up where we store all of our equipment and fabrics. Pre COVID-19, we used to take meetings at our studio, which gave our clients a hands-on experience when deciding on their vendor for their special event. Now, however, we have been taking meetings online. Despite the lack of certain aspects during our client consultations, we still manage to offer them the insights they require to make their decisions.

Our hours of operation are from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. But, we make sure that we are available to clients beyond these timings if necessary.

We have officially been open for two years. Before that, I owned another event design firm for around ten years, which I sold to my business partner in January. It was hard to let go of my last company as I had built it out of my garage, but I decided to walk away from it because I wanted to build something even better.

Opulent Event Designs is currently in a state of growth, and we are trying to keep up with the latest technology to deliver our services at lightning speed. COVID-19 has really impacted our business and has required us to change and evolve at a rapid pace. At present, we are creating an inventory control software to help grow our business into a dynamic rental company so that other vendors can rent from us with ease.

Our wedding event season begins in May of every year and usually ends right after Thanksgiving in October. We are now seeing an increase in winter weddings due to the cancellations caused by the pandemic and are happy to help as many couples as we can to celebrate their big day the way they planned to.

The Opulent Event Designs Difference

Our proudest feature as an event business is our ability to provide abstract and unique designs that meet our clients’ budgets. We love getting to know our amazing clients on a more personable level rather than seeing them as just another client. By getting to know them better, we can treat them like family, and offer them customized, wholesome services.

We believe that prospective customers lean towards our services as we are personable, transparent, and quickly able to understand their visions compared to our competitors. When a client approaches us with their event requirements, we quickly cultivate new designs and ideas as we connect easily with them. Another strength of ours is our team. The team behind every one of our events is the backbone of our company. Our job is to bring everyone together and create magic by executing the client’s expectations, and we are able to do this because we have a fantastic team.

One of our most noteworthy achievements as an event design company was a very recent one. During the pandemic, we were able to quickly adapt to the trend and create several micro weddings. We designed and executed the most amount of events compared to our competitors during the pandemic once the restrictions on events and gatherings were relaxed.

My dream for the future is to have another business location in Los Angeles, California. I hope to also set up an online store that sells the items that my company uses and have these available to people looking to purchase the things I design and use at my events. Through these efforts, I hope that one day our company gets recognized for its talents beyond Toronto and LA.

Currently, the kind of clients that explore our business is usually young professionals that know what they want but cannot find someone to meet their needs creatively or financially. We also have many customers who are unsure of what they are looking for, but love our creativity and enjoy it when we come up with a design concept specifically for them.

To execute our clients’ wishes, we depend on the creative efforts of our team. Our staff comprises of people with many talents like mechanical engineers, marketers as well as law experts. Through their expertise and creative abilities, they all bring a high level of knowledge to the table to run Opulent Event Designs as a collective, and we all learn from each other.

At the end of the year, I hand out bonuses to my staff as an appreciation for their hard work. We also have a farewell wedding season dinner to kick back from the stress of designing and coordinating events back to back.

Currently, I am working on an incentive for my management team. The incentive is if we hit our sales target, we all go on an epic vacation together. This, I feel, will help increase business and help us bond better as a team.

Besides offering incentives, I try to help my employees be the best versions of themselves during work hours and non-work hours. I have an open-door policy, and I try to get the team together for dinners and social gatherings as much as possible to ensure that they receive a much-needed break. During the wedding season, it gets difficult to host these team get-togethers, so they usually happen during the off-season. We discuss the challenges we faced during these gatherings and our suggestions or plans for the coming season.

Another activity we like to focus on is cutting down our carbon footprint by recycling as much as we can. We even cut down on waste and have our garbage picked up only when our dumpster is full (which is almost every six weeks). We cut down on energy usage at our warehouse when it is not being used to save up on electricity.

Not too long from now, we will also join a charitable foundation that caters to helping people access a clean water supply. As a business, we do our best to donate to as many causes as possible. We are strong advocates for mental health awareness, green initiatives, as well as sponsoring local sports teams.

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